Champions Arena

Double your $SOL by voting for a Champion that you think will win the battle.


Vote for one Champion, if your champion win, you will get the rewards.
Because this is a blockchain game, there is clear transparency and fairness for all Champions.


  • Your champion win, receive: (Your Bid) * 2 * (1 - 3.3%(Fee))
  • Your champion lose: Lose your bid
You can use $CHAMP to get 0% Arena Fee.

Tournament mode

An Arena Battle tournament with 16 Champions.
The highest-ranking champion will have a shot at the grand prize.
We will continue to update new modes and features to Champion Arena for the future of The Champion-verse.

Long-term goal

At the beginning, we planned to go with 0.6 SOL for 1,000 total supply. Unfortunately, due to the darkness of the bear market we have to make it FREE MINT, and it slows us down.
Therefore, the Champion Arena will be our long-term goal when we reach a good amount of trading volume and get the Gen 2 ready. Don't worry, all other utilites will be available first.
If you wanna help our project go faster, especially the Champions Arena. Please send your donation to this wallet: 68963JxzJy6wzZqnHs1nQjFbRyPmQKmWKuzSW9XXQhqB (Solana)
Thank you.