Market Research

Investing in nft doesn't mean you can ignore other fields of Crypto, especially the $BTC price which affects directly to $SOL $ETH price.
Retroactive Aidrops from potential projects are also a must note to survive the bear market. Did you miss $OP retroactive? In DeChampions DAO, we share the opportunity to hunt the hidden gem.
We have experienced researchers to provide market insights as well as potential project and trading signals to all members so they achieve more and avoid loss:
  • Alpha/Degen Call
  • Market Insights
  • Market News
  • Potential Projects
  • Whale Activities
  • Spot Trading Calls
  • Retroactive/Airdrop Chances
  • And more
Our last biggest successful CALL is when ETH price fell below $1000 USD on June (it's more than $1600 USD at the time I write this litepaper). But we don't have DAO at that time, only a few members from our Team won that Call. We want to share it to our DeChampions DAO's members.
Market Research Channel has opened for All Members till the Mint Event. As we focus on the Mint Event first, there may be less signals for you but we ensure that a lot will come after the Mint Event.